Hi, I'm Geil. But to many others I'm known as first name: Damien, last name: Damien. I'm 23 years old and born & raised in sunny Southern California. There are many things I like to consider myself, but above all else I'm an aspiring creative writer. I'm also an avid & lifelong reader of everything (especially HST, Bukowski, Fitzgerald & Emerson), a Polaroid-ographer, self-proclaimed international hummus connoisseur, obsessive coffee drinker, and lifelong travel junkie. 


I've been fortunate enough to grow up & go to school in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. between Orange County & Los Angeles, yet growing up in some of the most materialistic consumer bubbles of the U.S. (and world) has significantly informed my sarcastic perspective & personality. It was and still is quite the conundrum balancing this sarcastic perspective critical of the spectacle that is mainstream mediated culture while living in one of its hot spots of narcissistic self-aggrandizement. Still, this warped paradox has propelled my penchant for introspection and heavily inspired my writing in more ways than one. It's inspired the content of my writing--anecdotes of my off-the-beaten path personal explorations & travel experiences, social & political commentary, and cultural/ethnographic accounts; my style--filled with vivid & wild stories, language often dizzying & surreal, subtly philosophical (with flavors of Existentialism, Gonzo Journalism, Hedonism, Nihilism, Neo-Marxism, & Transcendentalism); and my voice: satirical & walking the boundary on comedic cynicism. 


Damien's Secrets will be inaugurated with my Southeast Asian Odyssey experiences, but once that begins to wrap up on these digital pages, I hope to expand my writings to include more pieces about what adventures I'm up to now in sunny Southern California, philosophical and ethnographic oriented discourses on current social & political issues, travel guides for some of the places I've lived in, and perhaps more of the inner monologues I'll have until then!